Dig Absolutely

Laurel Borden

for string quartet
dedicated to Laurel Borden
Chicago, October-December 2010

Dig Absolutely explores musical flux and the ability of dynamic systems to manifest stable states.  One way it does this is through the treatment of underlying pitch structures as attractors instead of identities, making it possible for the musical surface to be nuanced and complex while remaining grounded in large-scale harmonic motions.  Equally important to the creative process was a concern for string technique, especially in regard to the expressive use of idiomatic and non-idiomatic writing to achieve gestural immediacy and/or fragility.

Abigale Reisman and Tatevik Ayazyan, violins
Laurel Borden, viola
Meredith McCook, cello
Greenfield Hall, Manhattan School of Music
New York, NY
February 6th, 2011


The Spektral Quartet
J. Austin Wulliman
Aurelien Pederzoli
Doyle Armbrust
Russell Rolen


Dig Absolutely score

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